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Rain’s Gift to the World

December 29, 2014 Life, Photography, Thoughts

I love this photo I captured of my niece sitting on a dock while it was raining. She just loved sitting there, enjoying the silence and raindrops. She is still so innocent and fragile and enjoying all the simplicity in life. She told me it sounded like music. She actually told me “hey listen to the rain, it sounds like music.” How precious is that? Seeing the world through the eyes of a child can make you feel whole again.

The rain revitalizes the world and brings life to everything.

I was leaving a store once and a young boy went running out into the parking lot while it was pouring down rain and yelled “I feel so free.” I was so happy to witnessed that scene. looked like a scene from a movie.

There is always this amazing sense of freedom while being in the rain, especially to just run around in it literally play. These are the things that create life.

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