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Storm Time-lapse

April 12, 2016 Art

http://nocturnalbee.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/IMG_3972.m4v A time-lapse of a quick passing, but intense storm in Texas.

Into the Night-Out of the Storm-The Passenger

May 27, 2015 Art

http://nocturnalbee.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/My-Movie-1.mp4 A time lapse- driving home.

Reality Withdrawal

May 11, 2015 Art

Daydreams subconsciously reveal your inner desires of what could be you or what you desire to be. Here, I write before you something so personal to me, but I believe an interesting topic to share. I’m a daydreamer. I always have a specific daydream that always comes to mind.  It’s the same daydream I have had since I was a child. Some women daydream of their wedding day and visualize its plan for perfection, or finding Mr. Right. I am notRead More

An Artist’s Loft

May 5, 2015 Art

Sometimes I would become frustrated during the times my brain would not process any form of creative thought and why only certain times creativity would just flow through me. In my latter years of high school I started to finally conceive that in my phases of darkness would I be able to become creative. When life seemed to be “ok” in my teenage mind, I could not create anything, like a mental wall putting an entire block on my ideas. Nothing,Read More

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