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Rain’s Gift to the World

December 29, 2014 Life, Photography, Thoughts

I love this photo I captured of my niece sitting on a dock while it was raining. She just loved sitting there, enjoying the silence and raindrops. She is still so innocent and fragile and enjoying all the simplicity in life. She told me it sounded like music. She actually told me “hey listen to the rain, it sounds like music.” How precious is that? Seeing the world through the eyes of a child can make you feel whole again. The rainRead More

A Reverie/ Time Lapse

December 17, 2014 Art, Life, Thoughts

Matthew Rader made this time lapse by taking constant photos of me walking in slow motion. It was really fun to work on this together. His vision of the film came out perfectly.  We shot this in Texas: Wylie, Plano, Rockwall, Dallas. I played the girl and narrated it. Both of us worked together to write it, but it was all Matthew’s vision. I am so proud I had the chance to take part in this for him. 

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