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Fight or Flight

April 17, 2015 Life, Photography, Thoughts

There are many events in life that transpire, that no man will ever be able to make clear. Only God knows. There are the typical fairy tale lives from beginning to end,, but then there are the worst lives ever lived, unable to be figured out. From the time when man was first created, there are continuous consequences, pleasant or unpleasant that follow every decision made, which lead conclusive results. The outcomes of these decisions impact every individual involved, whetherRead More


March 23, 2015 Art, Life, Photography, Thoughts

There are matters in life that are better left unspoken. We all hold speculations on what goes on behind those peculiar walls of the world’s most elite secret societies. Try examining yourself and discover all the secrets you possess… Every soul is a secret society. There are moments we absorb through life when no camera, no man, or no words could ever reveal what is being felt on in the inside. You have to just live it and embrace it,Read More

The Purity of Snow

March 5, 2015 Life, Photography, Thoughts

Texas has had some beautiful snow days the last couple days! Had to work from home for four of the days! Last night it was snowing like a blizzard! It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I grabbed my roommate and made her come outside to see it. It was just so graceful and pure.  We just stood out there in awe, at the beauty that surrounded and covered the ground and filled the skies. I tookRead More

Rain’s Gift to the World

December 29, 2014 Life, Photography, Thoughts

I love this photo I captured of my niece sitting on a dock while it was raining. She just loved sitting there, enjoying the silence and raindrops. She is still so innocent and fragile and enjoying all the simplicity in life. She told me it sounded like music. She actually told me “hey listen to the rain, it sounds like music.” How precious is that? Seeing the world through the eyes of a child can make you feel whole again. The rainRead More

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