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Broken Vow

May 14, 2015 Life, Thoughts

Marriage oh Marriage. Where did society go wrong?  According to the American Psychological Association, 40-50 percent of married couples in the United States end in divorce (http://www.apa.org/topics/divorce/). I find this statistic extremely saddening. I wondered why I felt like I want to heave every time the thought of marriage comes to me. Its not the commitment, nor the dedication, it’s the way the world has gone astray with it. What if I end up marrying a man that won’t fight for me,Read More

WinterSpring Meet

May 14, 2015 Life, Poetry, Thoughts

Succumbed by the sun’s polar light Relentlessly ceding life’s delight His purpose for constant precision Deterred spring’s infused collision Winter’s mode abides in somber greys Oblivious to spring’s amorous ways   Consumed by winter’s present cold Restless to discern what will soon unfold Boundless efforts to avoid his harm Disregarding the fond for his icy charm Spring persist to shield the world in hues While winter bind’s in toil as its muse   The air confused its tune by theRead More

Everything is Awesome

April 24, 2015 Art, content, happiness, Life, money, Thoughts

I thought about writing something funny tonight, but I became indifferent to the idea. Not in a funny mood- Hilarious right? So many thoughts stream through my head daily and its hard to sustain them and write on a certain topic,  I am sure all of us have been there. In general I am a witty person, but when it comes to writing I am never in the mood for anything comical…why though? I want to write something lighthearted to make people laugh…But I seemRead More

Paper Moon

April 22, 2015 Art, Life, Poetry

The paper moon that’s cut by night Masters its precise desired shape; Devoting the world it’s solely light To the wayward humanity below. The paper moon pasted above Elegantly manipulates the oceans flow The sun illuminates its nightly ghost Surfacing withered emotions within Released in hollow tides of every coast The paper heart, unwrapped by night Modifies to the world’s desired form Dedicates its fragile pulse for flight To flee from society’s corrupt remains. The paper heart cast into disarray Delicately beats under timeless pain. The beam bestows the willRead More

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