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Broken Butterfly Wings

September 27, 2016 Thoughts

It’s heart wrenching to watch something beautiful completely fall apart without a fight. 

Butterflies don’t put up a fight. 
They fool their attacker. 
The human soul is delicate as the wings of a butterfly.
If it isn’t treated gingerly- it ruptures. It could gravely tear apart enough to result in death.
If a butterfly’s wings are fondled with to severely, it could be too late and unforgivable; they crumble right before your eyes and no longer are they able to soar the world with their purity.
Their wings are irreplaceable and never able to replenish themselves.
We only wanted to touch their enticing and captivating beauty right?
The glory they offer seems incomprehensible.
It’s selfish to destroy something so innocent and fragile for the gain of a touch. 
Harming the soul can destroy a person for a lifetime. 
Why do we want to feel them anyway? 
Possibly, they so are hard to catch and when they get to a touchable distance, we act so cocky believing we have the right to touch them in any way without having a negative effect. 
To come into contact with such wonder is so alluring to our senses and to desire their bond seems inevitable. 
It’s like falling in love with your soulmate. 
To feel connected with a soul becomes an addiction- an inseparable attachment. 
Being in their presence feels like flying through a perfect sky of dreams. You lose time and existence; when you’re falling they hold you up with a wall of a million butterflies, fluttering together to prevent you from hitting ground. 
This escape is a high. 
Some of us entered the world with a broken wing. 
I came into the world as such.
Others wings have been torn apart from another while our souls were still maturing. 
Mine have been torn apart. 
How now am I able to take flight through life already battered with an unstable path. 
Even a raindrop hurts a butterfly. It feels like a thousand pounds falling upon them. 
Tear drops from pain drown the heart. 
Although they contain the utmost fragility, butterflies are built to endure extreme conditions and can fly thousands of miles. 
The soul is incredibly strong, until it’s broken. 
A butterfly intricately works to become something so pure and beautiful. 
They have to almost eat themselves whole while in the cocoon.
When they burst through their cocoon, it hurts them and it’s a painful process, but that experience alone is vital for their strength to fly.
Just like birth. 
Struggles make up who we are.
Though they overcame their battle to be able to fly among the world in grace; they still remain so frail.
I flew out into the world much too fragile.
My heart is feeble and my wings are weak and inadequate. Any threat or harm inflicted upon me, I shut down and a piece of me dies.
When a person handles my soul ungraciously; it hinders me. 
No matter the struggle of coming into womanhood, I remain volatile.
I contain a small portion of love to offer. There can only be so much to give when I lack wholeness and the inability to fly the world in refinement and a path that’s always indirect.  
A butterfly with broken wings can’t fly without veering off.
How is possible to heal a soul unable to heal itself?
The only way to recover a butterfly’s wings  takes incredible patience and it’s an intricate process. 
The pieces of the wing must be found or you can take the wings of another butterfly already dead and literally glue them back onto the butterfly. 
With extreme delicacy and care the butterfly must be held down in order to glue it back together. 
It appears to be impossible. 
But, that is the only way to save a butterfly with broken wings.
I’m searching for the missing pieces of my wings or the pieces of another fallen soul to help bind my wings back together. 
It’s beautiful to realize I can repair myself to completeness and flutter in hope, that one day I will be able to glide the world in ease- with a linear path.
Butterfly means “soul” in Greek. 
Treat every person as if you would treat a butterfly- with grace and gentleness. 
You may never realize what wings you are capable to mend and the pieces you could bring back to a lost and broken soul. 
After writing this post, I magically walked past a flawless butterfly, completely unbroken. 
I found God when I needed him. 
There he was, showing me what he could give me if I trust in him- an unfathomable beauty of completeness. 
I believe God has the perfect one out there searching for my fallen wings. 


  1. Ulysses says:

    Mmmmmmm. Beautiful. Especially the part of using another butterfly’s wings to fix another. Perfect! This is my favorite.

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